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Nursing students at St. Olaf can participate in the study/service or semester abroad programs listed in the International and Off-Campus Studies section of the catalog. However, participants in off-campus programs will need to plan carefully and additional time may be necessary to complete all requirements for the nursing major. The nursing advisor or the department chair will assist in planning for these experiences.

Undergraduates may choose to earn a double major at St. Olaf, in nursing and another discipline. Additional time may be necessary for this choice, as well as advising by faculty representing both disciplines. Students who have already earned a St. Olaf degree are eligible to earn a second major in nursing. Students should consult with the department chair to determine prerequisite courses needed prior to beginning the nursing courses. Special tuition charges are possible.

Students are encouraged to express an interest in the nursing major upon application for admission to St. Olaf College. Enrollment in the program is limited and admission is competitive; therefore, early consultation with the department chair is recommended. Interested students are assigned nursing faculty as academic advisors.

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The baccalaureate degree in nursing program at St. Olaf College is approved by the Minnesota Board of Nursing.

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Students intending to major in nursing at the time of application to the College may be considered for direct admission to the nursing program as a first-year student. Direct admission as a first-year student is limited, competitive, and conditional. Students seeking direct admission to the nursing program must to the program at the same time they submit an application to the College. The nursing application includes two additional essays and an interview. More information regarding the Direct Admission process can be .

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The nursing program at St. Olaf College offers students the opportunity to enjoy a St. Olaf education, earn a bachelor of arts degree with a major in nursing, enroll in nursing courses with students outside the major, and have clinical learning experiences in a wide variety of local and Twin Cities medical and health care centers, long-term care facilities, community agencies, home health, and other facilities. By combining the values of the individual and a liberal arts background with the acquisition of professional knowledge and nursing skills, the nursing program integrates development of the whole person, a commitment to life-long learning, and service to others with a holistic approach to the practice of professional nursing.

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Nursing courses that count toward the major are upper-level (sophomore, junior, and senior years). Courses progress from non-acute to acute nursing, from simple to complex situations, and include care of the individual, the family, and the community. Each nursing course that counts toward the major provides the student with 39 class periods, or the equivalent, of instruction. One class period equals 55 minutes at St. Olaf. Three hours of classroom laboratory or clinical laboratory is the equivalent of one class period. Clinical experiences are provided in each semester of the nursing major in a variety of rural and urban settings. Clinical experiences may occur on any shift or day of the week as negotiated by agencies and the program. Students must provide their own transportation to clinical experiences. Nursing faculty design and evaluate all classroom and laboratory experiences. A fee is assessed each semester for program expenses.