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As you may guess by now, it is not at all correct to refer toAfrican-American hoodoo as "Voodoo." Voodoo (also spelled"Vodoun" and always capitalized, as a religion's name should be)is a Haitian religion that is quite African(Dahomean, in this case) in character.

While numerous other cultures also utilize personal magicalbags -- the so-called "fetish" bags of Native Americans and thered woolen bags used by "witches" in Tuscany -- the is essentially African; itsclosest cultural relatives are the Afro-Caribbean wanga or oangabag used in Obeah magic and the pacquet used in Voodoo.

There are, of course, certain customs and beliefs which can be seenas more or less "Pan-African" (ancestor veneration comes tomind as an example) and these need not be linked to oneAfrican group or another -- for virtually every Africancaptive would have shared these beliefs.

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Du Bois introduces the idea of double consciousness, an ideology that defines African Americans seeking to reconcile two different cultures that create their modern identity.

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The application of this concept is important because discovering the identity of an oppressed and indoctrinated people, desperately attempting to bridge the gap between an elaborate African culture and American adaptation that desensitizes the race from heritage, creates a neutral standard of expression that is used to form a new coheren...

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Now, it could be argued that Hurston was from Florida andthat she preferred the word hoodoo to Voodoo, even thoughthe latter was the more common term in New Orleans -- but suchan idea can definitely be countered by referring to aninterview that Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton, an AfricanAmerican Creole native of New Orleans (and a famous jazzmusician in his own right) gave to the folklorist andmusicologist Alan Lomax of the Library of Congress in 1938.

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Being "tricky means "liable to use conjure when you least suspect it," and can be heard in context in the song by Memphis Minnie (Lizzie Douglas): "You better watch her -- she's tricky!"Other terms for a professional hoodoo practitioner are"root doctor," "root worker," "two-head(ed) doctor,""two-head(ed) woman," and "two-head(ed) man." The first two referto rootwork -- the use of herbs for medical and magical purposes; the latter three are African survivals, referring to the worker's contactwith spirits who reside in the cunjure doctor's head and may guide him or her.

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Mikhail Strabo, New York City, New YorkAlthough the results are less easily seen than the European admixtures to , African American traditions have expanded to include quite a bit of Asian religious and cultural imagery, including product names and even formulas derived from, Taoist, and sources.

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Dream Book by Professor Konje
The Egyptian Witch Dream Book and Fortune Teller (Anon.)
The Five in One Dream Book by Madame Vangina Hamdda
Genuine Afro Dream Book (Anon.)
The Golden Dream Book (Anon.)
The Great Divine Dream Book (Anon.)
King Tut Policy Players Dream Book (Anon.)
Lucky Number Policy Players Dream Book
Including Napoleon's Oraculum (Anon.)
The Lucky Star Dream Book by
National Dream Book (Anon.)
Policy Pete's Mutuel Number Dream Book by Policy Pete
Prince Ali Lucky Five Star Dream Book by Prince Ali

The Witches Dream Book and Fortune Teller (Anon.)
The World's Greatest Magician: Black Herman by Black Herman
("4 books in one" -- combines the autobiography of an
African-American stage magician, instructions for simple
stage magic tricks, astrological interpretations, dream
interpretations, and a few hoodoo formulas)
Note that of all these books, only ONE -- the Black Hermanautobiography -- specifically mentions hoodoo of the sort that weconsider to be African-American or that contains Africanfolk-magic remnants -- and this in a catalogue FILLED with and hoodoo supplies.