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Discovering yourself can be a very challenging task

Before I officially became a teacher, I had already laid out a vision for myself. My vision was, and still is, to channel all of my talents and energies into making the lives of young people better. Throughout my journey as a teacher, however, I have discovered that the best way to improve the lives of my students was to first improve myself. Everyday I wake up, I decide to make myself a little bit better than the day before. I ask myself, “How can I be a better teacher? Moreover, how can I make myself a better role model for my students?” Whether it is participating in professional training opportunities, working on my own health, or finding time to give back to my church and community, I try to be an example for the young people I know while improving my own standard of living and personal value. Plus, I try to relate these same inspirational and motivational values to them. It was by subconsciously doing what I deemed right that I first rose to a position of leadership, and once I finally became aware of what worked and what did not in my life, I was able to hone myself into a more and more effective leader. Furthermore, I was also able to relate to my students how to achieve success for themselves.

Dream big, develop yourself, unleash your potential, play well with others, play to your strengths, enjoy the process, share your unique gifts with the world, and grow your greatness by testing yourself, expanding yourself, learning and improving.

You will reach a much greater awareness of yourself if you follow questions with “Why?” The accompanying example will show you how to dig deeper for answers that lead to greater insights.

Gain Self-Awareness as a Leader | The Fast Track

Gain Self-Awareness as a Leader

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