These are written language and speech.

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Our perfect Father, loves us and knows what will work out best in our lives. To show that we trust Him, we need to do all we can to obey what He has told us in the Bible, His Word. He deserves our 100% obedience.

As a father of two boys, I think I am starting to understand why God places so much emphasis on obedience. Boys have this ability to get themselves into so much difficulty so easily. Take, for instance, my rule about crossing the street. Ethan knows that he’s supposed to stop at the end of the driveway and look both ways, whether he is riding his bike, or just chasing a ball. I expect 100% obedience because I know that it takes only one careless step into the street to jeopardise his safety.

Movies like this are so good they look effortless. Of course, the more effortless-seeming the end result, the more craftsmanship in the construction. Remember, as fluid as this movie may seem, it was all unwieldy raw footage to begin with. Its emerging, building, and naturally flowing narrative was created by a wonderful synthesis of expert camera work and meticulous, painstaking editing.

Once he learned all the lessons he needed to in the novel he fully matured.

The Backyard is extremely similar to the next movie in my list, Small Town Ecstasy. They’re both vérité documentaries with the goal of exploring a social and cultural phenomenon. Small Town Ecstasy is an incredibly intimate story about a single family that speaks on the larger issue of drug use in America, ya know, thematically. The Backyard juggles a few narrative threads, effortlessly, and tackles (literally) the crazy world of backyard wrestling.

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Hough is generally objective in his dissection, and often allows his points to be made by the subjects themselves. When Hough does speak (by way of an American voice over artist, because Hough is British and didn’t want to use his own voice for some reason) it is generally expository. However, when he does cross the line and offer his two cents, it not only arrives organically by way of his material but also comes as a welcome punctuation to the drama we have just witnessed.

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Families are socially, ethnically and very expressively diverse than ever before (Angier).

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Don McKellar wrote, directed, and starred in this movie, and he’s really one of the greatest filmmakers of all time that you’ve assuredly never heard of. (Again, I think it’s the Canadianness.)

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O’Donnell expresses the total innocence of the hero’s girlfriend in “Ophelia,” originally appearing in The American Shakespeare Magazine: O broken lily....

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The idea that all Americans have the right to a family via substantive due process (which is slightly different than due process ) relies upon a judicial review process blind to appeals of pathos and responsive only to rational approaches.

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McKellar lets his characters do the talking and what unfolds is one of the most masterful comedy-dramas ever put on screen. Last Night is not just the third most underseen movie ever made, but perhaps the thirteenth best movie ever.

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I think the ultimate strength of Tremors 2 is that it’s very similar to the first one, but adds a few tricks along the way. The plot devices in this one are almost as equally clever as the first (okay so having weird two-legged things break out of the graboids makes no fucking sense, but other stuff is good) and giving Burt (Michael Gross) more to do is always a good idea since he’s one of the best characters in movie history.

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‘The local economy in the form of small scale shops is extremely important for the lesser well-off in society.’ (Geertman,2010) the profits are then returned to them as they don’t have to pay rent as many thought they were entitled to the space where they sold their goods ....