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5 Apr 2013 Our teams help people with disabilities overcome adversity.

Sometimes people with disabilities need their own places too. At McDonalds, there is aball pit that I can play in with other kids, but my sister can't. They need to have a ballpit that isn't too deep where the adults can help the kids who need it.

Sometimes I wish my sister would get better. Than she could play with me and do some ofthe things that I like to do, and not only the things that she can't do. But, I still loveher the way she is, and wish everybody else would too. People with disabilities are peopletoo. Just because they can't do everything that other people do doesn't mean they shouldbe treated different.

Kids with disabilities should be able to go to school, so maybe their brains can startto work better. They should be allowed to try to do the same things as all of the otherkids. Sometimes they might need some extra help. Sometimes they need other people to helpthem, like extra teachers or some other kids. And sometimes they need special equipment tohelp them too.

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By Teresa Scott, CEO Disabled people with extraordinary talents succeed and contribute to Essay On Disability Is Not An Inability the world economy every day. Imagine the world of science without

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Perhaps the most compelling reason for viewing AS/HFA as a disability is that such individuals clearly have special needs (they need to be recognised as different, may require different kinds of teaching methods or schooling, or specific kinds of treatment) and access to such support in the present legal framework only flows to the child and their family if the case can be made that autism is a disability. Special funding does not automatically flow simply because one regards the child as 'different'. Given this economic reality, one should not remove the term 'disability' from the description of AS/HFA without ensuring that extra provision would still be available even if the term 'difference' was more appropriate. This is really an issue relating to social policy, health and education economics, and the legal system.

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Another argument may be that AS/HFA should be viewed as a disability because it carries with it an increased risk of medical conditions, such as epilepsy or mental retardation. For example, in classic autism, epilepsy occurs in one third of cases and mental retardation (IQ below the average range) occurs in about three quarters of cases . However, such associated medical conditions are clearly not specific to AS/HFA, and it is AS/HFA-specific features that are under discussion. Epilepsy or mental retardation may be justifiably seen as disabilities. These will require separate examination. But is AS/HFA (which by definition involves no retardation) necessarily a disability?

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One might argue that some associated conditions are clearly disabilities. An example is language impairment. Many young children with HFA have little language. In some cases this applies to both their expression and comprehension. The combination of an autistic lack of social interest, together with little or no language, can be seen as a major disadvantage in a world of other people. Even if we down-play the importance of sociability, the child can still be regarded as disabled in being delayed in developing the ability to make his or her needs known. But whilst the notion of a disability may reasonably apply to extreme cases, the earlier point remains valid: that individuals with HFA need not necessarily be viewed as disabled as most of them will develop enough language even after a delay.

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17 Nov 2014 Disability is not inability and persons with disability should be respected and regarded well. I intend to focus on the low prospect of employment