Almostall the leading personalities had left Warsaw on September 7th.

The300,000 Jews there experienced a deeper feeling of loneliness andhelplessness than the others.

The Germans, it is true, widely publicized their policy of "increasing theproductive power of the ghetto", but actually they achieved the complete pauperization of the population.

The walls and barbed wire surrounding the ghetto grew higher every day until, on November 15th, they completely cut off the Jews from the outside world.

These people with practically nothing to their names, alone, in strange surroundings where others were preoccupied with their own difficulties, literally dying of malnutrition, tried to build their existence anew.

Look closely at them, these were the people the Nazis considered dangerous.

The air becomes more and more stuffy, the place becomes more and more crowded, not because of the thousands of bodies and the odour of the rooms, but because of the sudden understanding that all is lost, that nothing can be done, that one must perish.Possibilities of leaving the "Umschlag" did exist, but they were a drop in the sea of the thousands awaiting help.

The persecutions now became definite and systematic.

And then one does not know of anything any more, does not think about anything, one sits down dully in a corner, right in the mud and dung of the wet floor.

Lodz and Wloclawek, yellow signs on the back and chest).

Not long after this photo was taken they were gassed, and their bodies burned.

For three days until the time when all hopes to obtain the promised weapons had to be given up, a state of "acute emergency" for our mobilized groupsprevailed.

Their fear of the Germans now took on unequalled forms.

Such was the feeling ofexcitement and apprehension that several street fights with members of the Jewish police who were taking part in the "action" took place.

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On the surfacenothing was discernible, and it was difficult to realize how great the number of small groups--dispersed "fives" or "sevens" meeting in privateapartments--really was.

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The Central Trade Union Council was also revived (Bernard Goldsztejn, Kersz, Mermelsztein), and eventually registered approximately 30,000former union members.

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Thus we were practically limited in our activities to intelligence work among the Germans and, in close relation to the foregoing, the warning of particular people against possible "slip-ups".

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With the increase in the scope of work, the Zukunft and Skif Committees merged into one (Henoch Russ, Abramek Bortensztein, Lejb Szpichler, Abram Fajner, Miriam Szyfman, Mojszele Kaufman, Rywka Rozensztajn, Fajgele Peltel, Welwl Rozowski, Jankiel Gruszka, Sziojme Paw, Marek Edelman).

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It was our group that called the first battle organization into being with the knowledge of the Polish Socialists (Left-wing group of the PPS--the Polish Socialist Party).

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In 1941 a Youth Division was established at the Jewish Social Mutual Aid Organization and the Zukunft became one of the Division's important contributors.