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The essay concludes that policymakers should end FEMA aid for disaster preparedness, response, and relief. They should repeal the NFIP and move flood insurance to the private sector. Those reforms would reduce FEMA spending by more than 90 percent. Remaining activities that may fulfill a unique role—such as flood mapping, planning for the continuity of government, and preparedness for technological and radiological hazards—should be moved to other federal agencies. With these reforms, FEMA should be closed down.

As such, during the height of Hurricane Katrina’s rage, many journalists for once located their gag reflex and refused to swallow shallow and misleading excuses and explanations from public officials....

Port-au-Prince, Haiti 26th August 2008 08.00 GMT — GUSTAV BECOMES HURRICANE, THREATENS HAITI AND CUBA - Tropical Storm Gustav grew into a hurricane Tuesday after emerging in the Caribbean, threatening Haiti with powerful winds less than two weeks after the country was hit by a deadly storm. "Reports from an air force hurricane aircraft indicate that Gustav has become a hurricane with maximum winds near 80 mph (130 kilometers per hour)," the US National Hurricane Center said in a 2:20 am (0620 GMT) advisory. Earlier, the Haitian government urged its population to take precautions and appealed for international help to deal with the storm's aftermath, some 10 days after Tropical Storm Fay left about 47 people dead or missing on the island. "In the face of the danger threatening Haiti, I ask national civil protection committees and our friends in international cooperation to help the government manage the risks and disasters," Interior Minister Paul-Antoine Bien-Aime said on national television.

Hurricane and tornados have differences on how they are formed and where they are formed.

(Moran, 2011) Hurricanes begin as smaller storms called tropical disturbances, if there is sufficient loss in surface air pressure coincided with a strengthening sustained wind the storm is then considered to be a tropical depression....

Those are some of the many differences on hurricanes and tornados.

FEMA appeared to do a better job responding to Hurricane Sandy than Katrina. Former mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) claimed that FEMA’s response to Sandy was “as bad as Katrina,” but that does not seem to be the case.166 However, FEMA is still a troubled agency. A recent study by the Partnership for Public Service, for example, ranked it one the worst places to work in the federal government.167

Weaknesses in the Emergency Plan for Hurricanes and Natural Disasters

Hurricane Katrina did its destruction in late August of 2005....

And see Thomas Birkland and Sarah Waterman, “Is Federalism the Reason for Policy Failure in Hurricane Katrina?” Publius: The Journal of Federalism 38, no. 4 (2008): 692–714.

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Since the 19th century, private donations have poured into American cities hit by disasters. In recent decades, charitable groups such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army have channeled donations to victims. Historically, businesses have also played a large role in relief, such as after the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and the Dayton Flood of 1913. More recently, the efforts of Walmart and other companies after hurricanes show that businesses are ready to use their logistical skills to aid communities when calamities strike.

Weather fundamentals hurricanes and tornadoes similarities

There are other ideas to help improve state disaster response. One is to reform Good Samaritan laws to ensure that emergency workers do not stay away from disasters in other states for fear of civil liability.251 Another is to expand State Defense Forces (SDFs).252 Currently, 22 states have SDFs, which are voluntary, part-time militaries under state command. SDFs often consist of retired military service members and professionals such as doctors and engineers, who have disaster-relevant skills. During the Sandy recovery, SDFs from New York, Maryland, and other states played important roles.

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One encouraging U.S. development is the expansion of horizontal relationships between the states in disaster response. All the state governments have joined the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), which was created in 1996.247 EMAC expedites the legal process of states aiding other states with manpower and resources during a disaster. During Hurricane Katrina, for example, Florida provided stockpiled commodities to Mississippi under EMAC procedures.248

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Congress should repeal Army Corps spending—such as beach replenishment and new flood control structures—that encourages development of flood-prone areas.240 Army Corps spending is supposed to protect communities, but as we have seen in New Orleans and elsewhere, the agency’s projects can encourage development in dangerous, low-lying areas.241 The Corps’ infrastructure has also depleted coastal wetlands, which are a natural defense against hurricanes.

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One of the rules that every doctor learns is “first, do no harm.” That rule should be applied to policymaking on natural disasters. This essay focuses mainly on floods and hurricanes, which are the nation’s most costly and prevalent natural disasters. The number of Americans living in risky locations on floodplains and seacoasts has grown in recent decades, and numerous federal policies have encouraged that trend.239