Candidates for our women's scholarship must meet the following criteria

Scholarship will not be offered for the 2013-2014 school year.

Candidates for our minority student scholarship must meet the following criteria

Union Savings Bank – Thomas & Monica Frizzell Endowed Scholarship
Accounting Major

Description: This scholarship was established in 2011 on the occasion of Thomas Frizzell’s retirement as Chairman of their Board at Union Savings Bank. The award may be granted to a full-time or part time senior majoring in accounting and have one of the highest GPAs in accounting at the end of his/her junior year.

Description: This fund underwrites scholarships in the MFA program. These scholarship funds can be merit- based or based upon financial need. In all cases, however, awards should be made to students considered as emerging and/or budding artists and should be open to all who qualify in the MFA program.

Description: The Housatonic Industrial Development Corporation (HIDC) created this scholarship in memory of Chuck Wrinn, longtime president of HIDC and avid supporter of WCSU and the Ancell School of Business. The scholarship will be given to a student in the Small Business Management Program who has a minimum GPA of 2.5. He/she must be a Connecticut resident and demonstrate financial need.

For this scholarship, we define 'minority' as someone of one of the following ethnicities:

Often seen as exceptional situations, African tragedies, triumphs, and challenges are better understood as local responses to problems of planetary dimensions and reflect the experience of people living outside of the center of world economy (the United States, the European Union, China and Japan). Research suggests, for instance, that the sub–Saharan droughts of the 1970s and 1980s were caused by Western countries’ industrial pollution, which drove the rain belt away from the Sahel. Similarly, when the Cold War fought by proxies, among which African countries figured prominently–ended, Africa lost strategic importance in international affairs. This trend has recently been reversed by the West's growing interest in African oil–producing countries and China's repositioning as Africa's second commercial partner, right behind the United States.

are merit scholarships for transfer students.

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Merit, and need based scholarships can help you pay for college.

offer scholarships and fellowships for students in their respective academic fields.

From 1998 to 2003 seven countries became involved—largely because of Congo's mineral wealth and, specifically, its coltan used in the production of cellular phones—in an underreported "African World War." In spite of several settlements, the conflict still rages on, with for instance the 2009 U.N.–backed joint military offensive Congo–Rwanda against FDLR, a Hutu militia, allegedly responsible for the 1994 genocide. The current death toll in the Congo nears six million. Tragically, the international community has failed to respond adequately to these successive humanitarian crises.

2.) How much is awarded to each scholarship winner?

Description: This scholarship was established in 2008 by Professor Emeritus of Justice and Law Administration and of English Dr. Harold Schramm. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher and be recommended by their academic department. Preference will be given to JLA juniors in the paralegal studies program who demonstrate need.

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Description: This scholarship, named in honor of Professor Emeritus Richard Reimold of the WCSU theatre arts department, provides scholarships for full time sophomore or junior theatre arts majors with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

The scholarship essay is your opportunity to shine, ..

Description: This scholarship was established in 2005 by an anonymous donor in memory of Joel Kannengeiser to support music scholarships. This scholarship benefits a student who is majoring in music or music education with a record of academic achievement and who possesses extraordinary singing or musical talent. The recipient must be a Connecticut resident with a strong GPA, and exhibit financial need.

FFRF sponsors four essay competitions for students

Peggy Will Koschel Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Medical Technology (awarded in even years) Theatre Arts (awarded in odd years)
Description: This scholarship was established by the family of Margaret (Peggy) Will Koschel in 2008 to assist full-time undergraduate students majoring in theatre arts or medical technology. Peggy, an alumna from the class of 1951, is being remembered for actively being involved with her alma mater and the Danbury Community. Recipients must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and have completed a minimum of 60 undergraduate credits at WCSU. Students must also have financial need.

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Description: This scholarship was established in 1990 to honor the memory of anthropology Professor Howard Hobbs of the social sciences department. It is awarded in even years to a student in music, art, theatre, or athletics on the basis of his/her academic achievement, with preference given to a student admitted under the Honors Program.