The spring pictures are an egg, butterfly, tulip, and tadpole.

Start each line with a letter from the word "spring."

The student then writes down the word wheel words and other spring words.

The prepositions include: over, under, near, through, away from, toward, and around.Spring-Related Printouts and Activities:
Drawing Worksheets:

The categories include: Spring Holidays, Spring Activities, Spring Clothing, Spring Symbols, Spring Food, Spring Birthdays, Spring Weather, and Miscellaneous Spring words.

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The words are: bloom, butterfly, egg, flower, grass, rain, rainbow, robin, spring, umbrella.

Seasons change on or around the 21st of four months: June, September, December and March. In the Northern Hemisphere, December begins winter, March brings on spring, June means summer is beginning and September gives autumn weather. In the Southern hemisphere, the opposite is true. December starts summer, March is the beginning of fall, June starts the winter season and September brings spring.

Answer: "Spring forward, fall back."Miscellaneous:

Because of this, the Northern Hemisphere of the planet has summer while the Southern Hemisphere experiences winter. It seems as strange for kids in Australia to imagine a white Christmas as it is for kids in New York to think of splashing in the pool in December. That is how it works, though, when the two hemispheres of the Earth are opposite in seasons!

Spring Words in Many Languages:

Write ten things about Spring (plus one thing you would like to change).

Sample answers: spring has sprung, frightened frogs, green grass, floppy flowers, baby birds, edible eggs, crisp crocus, growing greenery, rough rain, beautiful butterflies.Math and Sorting:

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