Violence against women is of many types and has many faces.

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These traditions and customs still limit women mobility and women are still regarded as subordinate to men and violence against women still exists despite having many strives in the 20th century....

Violence: The Facts and Figures Americans have experienced a great increase of violence on TV and in movies throughout the years; unfortunately, violence against women has escalated more....

There are many causes of modern domestic violence, but most fall into four categories: sexual abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse....

Of these homicides, more than three-quarters have been against women.

THE MOST IMPORTANT mechanism directed to the dimension of fear is a system that exists in numerous jurisdictions and that in New South Wales we call Apprehended Violence Orders. As I noted in one judgment: ‘The legislative scheme is directed to the protection of the community in a direct and immediate sense, rather than through mechanisms such as deterrence. Individuals can obtain protection against actual or threatened acts of personal violence, stalking, intimidation and harassment. AVOs constitute the primary means in this state of asserting the fundamental right to freedom from fear.’

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A woman who has suffered incest or rape may not want to be constantly reminded of the violent act performed against her, but is that really a strong enough argument to end a life....

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It is violence in private life that comprises domestic violence against women.

The large amount of violence, and more specifically violence against women, portrayed on TV and in movies has people taking action to clean up the screen.

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It is only right to inform people of the meaning of violence against women, the impact this problem has on women, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that helps protect them....

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The act, brought on by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee headed by Hillary Clinton, would offer aid to victims of rape, domestic violence, honor killings and acid attacks, provide education to girls about the violence and enforce harsher punishment for attackers, both domestic and foreign.

Violence against women is widespread in both developed and developing countries

THE CULTURAL AND social bases for violence against women have been a focus of public attention for at least four decades. Women’s refuges were among the earliest manifestations of the feminist revival that commenced about that time, in the late 1960s. There is no doubt there has been progress, but there is also no doubt that much remains to be done.

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Violence against has long been widely accepted as normal behavior, something that people are so used to happening that it has become nothing to be alarmed by and often goes unrecognized and unreported....

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According to the best figures available, derived from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Personal Safety Survey in 2005, one in three women experience at least one incident of physical violence and about one in five women experience sexual violence during their lifetime. Some women are more at risk than others. It is well established that Indigenous women are more likely than other women to be the victims of all kinds of violence, including domestic violence, sexual assaults and homicides. An Aboriginal woman is ten times more likely to die from assault than a non-Aboriginal woman, and thirty-five times more likely to be hospitalised for injuries caused by violence.

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The Australian Law Reform Commission last reported on domestic violence in 1984. The establishment in 2008 of the National Council to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children created a new focus for co-ordinated action. The Australian Government adopted the council’s proposal for a National Plan of Action to Reduce Violence, and the Australian and New South Wales Law Reform Commissions are each currently conducting an inquiry into family violence as part of the response.