'Christmas' is a time for celebration and togetherness.

During the story, Scrooge is visited by the Ghosts from Christmas past, present, and future, who shows the ill-tempered Scrooge how to be feel compassion towards others human beings.

Although a socially engaged narrative, Dickens’ work is not occupied with trivialities such as the introduction of Christmas cards; instead A Christmas Carol focuses on the transforming beliefs and values within society and endeavours to contribute to these changes....

The book gained a high level of fame and appreciation due to its emphasis on Victorian era and culture, the significance of Christmas shown using Christmas ghosts, the interpretation of the writer’s own life in the story, creation of fictional characters like Ebenezer...

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"Hard Times in Ultima Thule," New York Times Book Review Bookends (back page)--April 20, 1997--Short essay on Holder Laxness 1946 epic, Independent People.

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When Scrooge joins a church congregation on Christmas morning, feeling out of place as they begin singing a carol, he joins in... gingerly at first, but as the joy of the song takes hold, his voice rises until he is belting out "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman" with all his being. He is discovering, for the first time, what the words truly mean. The lyrics "to save us all from Satan's power, when we had gone astray," echo true for him now, and we share in his happiness at having begun the journey down the right path.

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As Thomas Tusser counseled his readers, "At Christmas be merye, & thankful withall/& feast thy poore neighbors ye gret with ye small." Religious aspects of keeping Christmas changed during the seventeenth century, although many social customs like wassailing remained intact.

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Christmas festivities often ended with a Twelfth Night banquet on the sixth of January, and the Christmas season was the time when the yeomanry and apprentices demanded finer quality bread and ale than they ordinarily received.

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At all the the meat banquets, boiled veal, roast capon, and game meats were served; for theChristmas feast the vast quantity and variety of game are described in detail.

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The record contains the menus of three meat banquets (...with600 on Christmas Day), and one for a day of abstinence (120 guests on Wednesday, ChristmasEve).

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Lasagne at Christmas...when Messire Sozzo Bandinelliassembed a brilliant court at Siena to celebrate his son Francesco's accession to knighthood onChristmas Day 1326, the festivities were to last the whole preceding week, with tournaments,exchanges of gifts, and banquets.

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113-115) [NOTE: Another period holiday recipe featuring boar's head was .]MEDIEVAL ITALIAN CHRISTMAS FOOD AND CUSTOMS"The distinction between normal days and feast day can be noted in every kitchen...feast dayswere observed in different ways and with varying degrees of frequency.

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He mentions mutton, pork, veal souse (pickled pig's feet and ears), brawn, cheese and apples, although none of these items was connected especially with Christmas; they were all associated with feasting generally.

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It was garnished with rosemary and bay and evidently was presented to the diners with some style, as told by themany boar's head carols which still exist...Thomas Tusser in Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry suggests a number of dishes, that, lower down society, the housewife should provide for her guests at Christmas.