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Published in 1957, Atlas Shrugged was her greatest achievement and last work of fiction.

Transcendentalism was an intellectual movement that expressed the belief that everyone is capable of discovering the truth on their own through intuition.

The exact origin of her last name is uncertain; however, in 1936, she told the New York Evening Post that 'Rand is an abbreviation of my Russian surname.' An oft-repeated story claims that Ayn Rand took her last name from her Remington Rand typewriter while she was living in Chicago in 1926, but this is not true because the Remington and Rand companies did not merge until 1927; 'Rand' did not appear on their (or any) typewriters until the early 1930s.

The humanists believed that the Greek and Latin classics contained all the lessons one needed to lead a moral and effective life and were the best models for a person to live by.

The Fountainhead is Rand's fullest explication of the primacy of the individual.

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The passerby’s in the hallway would place you on the high-school-hierarchy-of-coolness scale based on superficial characteristics even before getting to know you....

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In cultures with low power distance, people expect to take part in the process of decision-making.

The social structure of society was a prevalent point of the movie, one with a modern twist on the tale of Romeo and Juliet, and one that nonetheless dealt with the intricate relationships individuals and classes had with and amongst each other....

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Martin Luther King Junior's letter from a Birmingham Jail was an expression of his encouragement for protest against tradition and established laws and a justification for his actions....

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We find Dewey in the 20’s and 30’s, for example, arguing that the creation of a genuine public arena, one capable of precluding the rise of an artificial chasm between sociality and individuality—or, rather, one capable of precluding the rise of an artificial chasm between notions of sociality and individuality—had itself been forestalled by an inherited, outdated, but nonetheless dominant custom called individualism....

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The characters of “The Fountainhead” are flat and one dimensional. Pick a character and choose 10 scenes from the novel. Give the character more depth by writing about how the character

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They were only Howard Roark." This dialogue in the powerful book The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, set in the early 1920's in the city of skyscrapers, New York, describes the unique building style of the architect, Howard Roark which parallels his uncompromising and individualistic personality....

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The sense of consciousness or individualism that Bernard Marx begins to feel is openly condemned by The World State, along with the mindless citizens....

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As she worked out her interpretation of the inalienable rights: the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and what these entailed, she saw three areas of conflict where these rights were held in...