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One of the most debatable issues in terms of violent crimes is gun control.

Diaz uses all the thrown away items he collects to make a community garden in the median of his street, while offering his insights on survival and nature.

They are all different, Raven, Sweetleaf, Jeremy, Doug and the others, but they share a rebellious nature, a comination of innocence and weary cynicism, and a tendency to get into trouble with the law (often not their fault) since citations for trespassing usually means they've found a place to sleep that wasn't legal.

Ghost of James Baldwin, Chrismas day at Glide Memorial: A tribute to James Baldwin with voiceovers from his writings and original music superimposed on free Christmas dinners served to the homeless, while a homeless break-in is taking place across the street.

Gun control laws directly violate this right and therefore should not even be under consideration.

Writing academic essay or research papers on some important issues of public concern is a very common assignment in today’s high schools and colleges. Teacher very ofter offer their students to write an argumentative essay on gun control, capital punishment, cloning, same sex marriage, legalization of euthanasia and other controversial issues in order to develop students’ skills to analyze an issue, bring effective pro and con arguments, elaborate on their own point of view and properly defend it in their academic papers. Writing a research paper on gun control can be an interesting task which requires certain information to be researched on and analyzed, as well as working with the most recent factual info and data to support and validate the author’s point of view.

Crime is very high in cities that have few gun control laws.

If these weapons are used improperly or they are placed into the hands of the wrong individual, chances are there will be a greater chance of a catastrophe in our society waiting to happened.

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[tags: argumentative, persuasive, gun control]

"Four years after Waco raid, a documentary stokes slow-burning doubts; a hunger to know how and why Federal agents stormed a sect." (reaction to documentary film 'Waco: The Rules of Engagement') (Living Arts Pages) v146 (Tue, August 19, 1997):B1(N), C9(L), col 1, 32 col in.

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The film explores how the murder of Vincent Chin continues to have meaning to society today, as well as how the hate crime remains unknown or forgotten in many Americans' minds.

Gun debate stigmatizes the mentally ill: As I See It PennLiv

It was Beauchamp's nine years of investigation, summarized in the film, that was primarily responsible for the reopening of the case by the Justice Department.

That Time Mob Violence Inspired Gun Control in America - Men

From London to Berlin, via Helsingborg, Dallas, Las Vegas and Montréal, skinheads established themselves as a movement with rebellious, violent, and often extremist traits.

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This searing study in the pathology of urban fear, gun violence, criminal justice and cultural miscommunication utilizes news footage, videotape depositions, and interviews with the attorneys to examine the tragedy.

Gun control rights essay

Interviews with party members reveal why these groups continue to embrace a cause that has been universally reviled and rejected, while law enforcement officers discuss the spread of racially motivated crime in America.

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15, 1963, dynamite planted by the Ku Klux Klan, exploded in the building...under the fallen debris the bodies of [four] girls were found--Denise McNair, Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley died because of the color of their skin.

The shocking gun loophole that lets suspected terrorists buy

A psychological profile emerges in case studies of Benjamin Smith and his July 4th killing spree in 1999; Eric Rudolph, accused of bombing the 1996 Olympic games; Shelley Shannon, an anti-abortion extremist in prison for attempted murder, and Eric Harris of the Columbine High School killings.