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Political scientists have long hoped to find an “invisible hand” in politics comparable to the one that Adam Smith described in economics. Voter ignorance wouldn’t matter much if a democracy were able to weave individual votes into collective political wisdom, the way a market weaves the self-interested buy-and-sell decisions of individual actors into a prudent collective allocation of resources. But, as Brennan reports, the mathematical models that have been proposed work only if voter ignorance has no shape of its own—if, for example, voters err on the side of liberalism as often as they err on the side of conservatism, leaving decisions in the hands of a politically knowledgeable minority in the center. Unfortunately, voter ignorance does seem to have a shape. The political scientist Scott Althaus has calculated that a voter with more knowledge of politics will, on balance, be less eager to go to war, less punitive about crime, more tolerant on social issues, less accepting of government control of the economy, and more willing to accept taxes in order to reduce the federal deficit. And Caplan calculates that a voter ignorant of economics will tend to be more pessimistic, more suspicious of market competition and of rises in productivity, and more wary of foreign trade and immigration.

I got off the train and kept reading as I walked, the way I used to whenI was a kid. I banged into a bus stop on Myrtle Avenue and flinched whentree leaves brushed my cheek. Somehow, I reached the last page just as Igot to my stoop. Museum guards had discovered a violin case and atrumpet case and sent these odd objects to lost-and-found. “They arestill there,” Konigsburg writes. “Full of gray-washed underwear and acheap transistor radio. No one has claimed them yet.”

The order is: "Multi-Threaded ThingTM," an autobiographical paper which took inspiration from the form of Susan Griffin's "Our Secrets," and represented my life by pseudocode written in different computer programming languages; "Autobiographical Comparison," which was a partially successful attempt to compare and contrast my beliefs with those of James Baldwin; "Virginia Woolf: Assertive or Introspective," an analytical assessment of Virginia Woolf's motives while writing her memoir A Sketch of the Past; and "The ideal Life," an autobiographical response to the fantasy life portrayed in Maxi...

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Are there outcomes, goals, or standards that are being demonstrated with this portfolio? In this example, steps 2-4 represent an interative process, using a blog to provide formative feedback on student work on a regular basis.

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