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Whole groups within the Church looked to him for guidance, and his natural affinity with family life made it easy for him to be welcomed into so many families all over the world.

Between all of these ministeries Joe had the opportunity to further his studies at Fordham University, New York (1986-87) gaining a MA degree with honours in Religion and Religious Education, a Distinction in Pastoral Studies and also Training in Spiritual Direction.

His untimely and sudden death has been a great sadness and shock to all.

He was ordained on 24 July 1955 and engaged in a variety of ministries across Australia.

After 58 years of religious profession and 55 years of priesthood Ralph now rests in peace as he so deserves.

He was then sent to the Friary of St Joseph in the same city and had a later posting at the Friary at Susice in Czechoslovakia.

Needing to escape the oppressive communist regime, Andrew escaped Prague via train and travelled to France, where he remained for a few months before travelling to Australia.

Andrew celebrated 75 years of Religious Profession and 70 years of Priestly Ordination in 2011.

Essays on Australian Aboriginal Spirituality.

Religious Business: Essays on Australian Aboriginal ..

In Religious business: essays on Australian Aboriginal ..

In Religious business: essays on Australian ..

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