Will terrorism be a world-wide scourge in the 21st century.

One of the main problems of the present is the global terrorism

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Coming to Muslim solution to terrorism, it is obvious that as long as Muslims are weak, the powerful nations will continue to dominate them. This would anger many and a few would resort to extreme reactions. The only way to reverse this trend is to build Muslim nations in Knowledge and power through education and hard work. Once Muslim nations are powerful enough to talk to the world powers on equal terms, the powerful nations will have no choice but to negotiate with Muslims to live respecting each other in peace and harmony. Till Muslims are able to build themselves, they should only exercise the most important lessons of Quran i.e. Patience (Sabr)…. in adversity and wisdom .

Eyewitness accounts and photos of the moment a car plowed into counter-protesters during an alt-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, capture the terror of those present at the scene.

It is also true that although 99% of Muslims reject acts of terrorism but they do feel hurt by violence against Muslim nations by Western powers. It is not only Muslims, majority of non-Muslims reject Western invasion of Muslims and third world countries as well.

The definition of terrorism has not been clearly established since the times this expression was used for the first time in the eighteenth century.

The earliest known Terrorist organization similar to those of today was the Zealots of Judea, formed when fanatics of the Jewish faith revolted against the of the Roman oppression....

This is my views about the Terrorism in India is a World Problem

There will continue to be minority or oppressed (or perceived oppressed) people or groups will continue to believe that terrorism is the only solution to their problems.

Terrorism is a serious problem of India as well as the whole world

His essay, Excusing Terror, is one that best relates to the current events happening around the world.

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The working hypothesis was that children who went through a traumatic experience, such as a terrorist attack, would be unable to identify various expressions of facial emotion.This essay will discuss the perception of a moral panic and will look at the case of the September 11th Terrorist attack against the United States of America, which triggered a colossal conflict of morality within modern day society....The image of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center with the building crashing down in clouds of smoke, dust and fire became the image of international terrorism constituting one of the defining moment of global security challenges of the twenty first century.2 Most of all an attack on this scale awakened the democratic nations across the globe, to the serious implications that suc...In most parts of the world, people associated with the Muslim culture receive a lot of discrimination considering that their colleagues associate with terrorism activities.The country that harbors more Southern American terrorists, executioners and dictators than anyone else in the world has shown us all what happens when others harbor wanted men.By seeking to turn our cities into killing fields, terrorists and their allies believed that they could destroy this nation's resolve and force our retreat from the world....Terrorism, as it is understood is the action of none-state weak actors, individual or groups, who for some reasons feels suppressed, marginalized and, or denied what they may view as the basic human right.Although Hizballah is a fairly new organization, it has quickly become a model organization not of behavior, but of terrorism in the Middle East and throughout the rest of the world.