Evaluate Rawls’ criticisms of utilitarianism.

According to Rawls, justice asfairness is far more acceptable than utilitarianism.

Then, I will explain how Rawls objects to Mill’s sense of justice on the grounds that utilitarianism does not make a serious distinction between persons....

Rawls’ principles were designed to guards against injustices, which was inflicted upon society, with the help of John Stuart Mills Utilitarianism principle that individuals should act so as to maximize the great...

The authors provide clear and insightful explanations of the thinking of Aristotle, Thomas Hobbes, , Immanuel Kant, Ayn Rand, John Rawls, Robert Nozick and others. Their writing is clear and free of academic jargon. would make an excellent book of supplemental readings for a course in political philosophy. Such a course could use another supplement, consisting of readings of philosophers arguing for non-libertarian ideas. I will suggest a couple later in this essay.

I feel that Mill would disagree with Rawls' interpretationutilitarianism.

Does the end justify the means? Mill argues that the most moral action is always the one that results in the “greatest happiness for the greatest number.” Watch Macat’s short video for a great introduction to John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism, one of the most important moral philosophy books ever written.

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To not give notice to
the true nature of these terms as described by Mill, it is not unreasonable to
expect one to come to the same conclusions regarding utilitarianism as Rawls.

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It seems thatRawls takes too literally the ‘cut and dry' definition of utilitarianism by Mill.

An example taken from The
Encyclopedia of Political Philosophy explains two situations, one acceptable by
Rawls and the other acceptable under utilitarianism.

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Rawls argues that in this case everyone would be
better off with his rather than utilitarianism since
under his theory general happiness would still be increased, but at the expense
of no one or few.

Before becoming an influential critic of utilitarianism, Rawls wrote this defense of rule utilitarianism

Rawls would state that in this case, by the standards of utilitarianism, it
would be acceptable to "condemn by truth" if that would produce the most
happiness in society.

The official argument is that the parties in the original position would prefer Rawls’s two principles to utilitarianism.

So although Rawls feels that by
utilitarianism to condemn by truth or protect by deception are both acceptable
and interchangeable, Mill would argue that by virtue, we would choose without
question to protect by deception.

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It is for this reason that I do not believe
that the fundamental error of utilitarianism as described by Rawls is as
destructive to the entire theory as Rawls makes it out to be.